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BHLogic and EBLogic

SpaceLogic's BHLogic system controls and routes baggage from a point where it enters the baggage conveyor system through to a point where baggage is loaded into containers destined for the aircraft. BHLogic also handles incoming baggage, routing it to claim devices where passengers pick up their baggage or to transfer flights. EBLogic serves as an integrated buffer for early checked and transferred baggage.
  • The BHLogic toolkit is a software integration solution that integrates into most hardware systems, allowing for rapid implementation of software control systems for airport Baggage Handling and transfer systems.
  • The EBLogic toolkit focuses on Early Bag Storage, integrating AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) with automated BHS.
Software & Control Features:
Barcode (and other input) reader information is retrieved when baggage enters the system.
As soon as the bag is identified, the software recognizes all the flight information associated with it and is able to route and store the bag appropriately.

Utilizes complex algorithms that optimize baggage handling
Internal algorithms deal with the complexity of routing using the following modules: Track and trace; Put-away and retrieve algorithms; AS/RS controls; Warehousing and inventory control; Automated transfer control; Optional security integration.

Identification and control of baggage at every routing point.
Software identifies and controls each baggage item as it is routed through the system (to storage areas, sorters, gates and claim devices).

Automated control and storage of baggage.
Baggage that is waiting for a scheduled, delayed, or transfer flight is directed to a baggage warehouse. Software controls the warehousing equipment and sends updated information to the workstation for automated and semi-automated warehouse activities.

Automated removal from storage when flight is open for loading.
Coordination of flight information and storage control allows automatic retrieval of baggage to the conveyor system as soon as the flight is open for loading.

Communication with external databases, such as the Flight Information System, Common Use Baggage Information System, Sort Allocation System etc. This allows the system to receive the latest information about flights, connections and boarding times.

BHLogic and EBLogic are complementary to the iScreen-Line software, a state-of-the-art technology that enables integrated control of baggage and security systems at airports around the world. This generic tool combines a built-in security methodology for EDS and BHS technologies.

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