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With ever increasing passenger throughputs, efficient Baggage Handling Systems are key to the successful operation of airports today. SpaceLogic Baggage Handling provides a range of innovative products and services for the effective implementation of baggage handling systems.

Early show passengers and those transferring between flights cause major bottlenecks in Baggage Handling systems. Security regulations have also increased the early arrival time of many passengers, thus amplifying pressure on the bag flow and adding to the backlog of bags in the handling process. SpaceLogic's integration of smart solutions for Early-Bag storage and conveyor control, EBLogic, is complementary to its services for conventional Baggage Handling systems.

From design and manufacture through handover, from check in to final sortation,SpaceLogic provides an extensive range of products and services.SpaceLogic's BHLogic system controls and routes baggage from a point where it enters the baggage conveyor system through to a point where baggage is loaded into containers destined for the aircraft. BHLogic also handles incoming baggage, routing it to claim devices, where passengers pick up their baggage or to transfer flights.

SpaceLogic has cooperated with leading suppliers, such as FKI Logistex Crisplant, in executing major airport baggage handling projects. The company provides integrated systems that combine automated equipment controlled by SpaceLogic BHLogic software. Its software solutions integrate with the most advanced hardware systems, allowing for rapid implementation of software for airport baggage handling systems. Special emphasis is given to high quality and on time supply of fully operational turnkey systems.

BHLogic is compatible with airport subsystems such as sorters (tilt trays, pushers, transfers), conveyors, automated early bag storage, as well as automated identification systems (bar-code & RFID).

BHLogic and EBLogic are complementary to iScreen, ensuring streamlined secure baggage handling.

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