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SecureLogic iScreen-Line Security Screening

iScreen-Line (Registered Patent in Israel; pending in The EU and North America) is a software tool-kit that provides extensive logic for Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) operations integrated into Baggage Handling Systems (BHS). iScreen-Line is designed as a modular tool, combining a powerful screening process generator with integrated run-time logic control for EDS and Baggage Handling devices. iScreen-Line provides an overall control solution for 100 percent checked baggage screening by any combination of screening equipment - whether FAA/TSA certified Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) or AT (Advanced Technology) automated high throughput X-ray machines, or ETD and or manual search operations or any combination of the above. This state-of-the-art system generates a discrete screening process for each specific bag, determined by both preset and real-time parameters. The screening process is optimized and adjusted for different load levels and capacities. A comprehensive matrix of security and operational considerations is provided for the user to choose and set the specific security and operational parameters for the site. SecureLogic's proprietary algorithms generate the screening routing directions for each bag, according to the specified parameters. Risk level parameters can be set by the user into the system or retrieved from internal and external sources (e.g. Secure Flight, CAPPS, APSTM) or any combination of both.

Rapid, Cost-Effective Integration

iScreen-Line is a generic, modular software system that integrates quickly and easily with most airport Baggage Handling systems. iScreen-Line facilitates the streamlined integration of EDS and AT machines with baggage conveyer systems, in unique routing methodology. This enables 100% screening of baggage with higher screening quality, reliability and efficiency.

Fast and Efficient Baggage Checking "Behind the Scenes"
SecureLogic's proprietary methodology for baggage handling ensures highly efficient passenger handling, shorter lines and improved passenger satisfaction - without compromising on top-level security standards. Easily adapted to different operational environments as well as new security procedures, IBHS rapidly screens every bag using advanced "behind the scenes" techniques after the passenger has checked in.

Optimization Of Screening Equipment
Compared to "stand-alone" EDS systems, iScreen-Line optimizes existing BH, EDS and EDT equipment, as well as human resources and physical space to dramatically enhance performance throughput. Its "open system" design enables the smooth and fast integration of new EDS/AT machines and/or new models, version set-ups and any other performance upgrades.

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