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SecureLogic iScreen-Node Security Screening

iScreen–Node is a software toolkit that provides an inclusive C4 solution (command, control, communication and computing) for non or semi-automated Hold Baggage Screening operations (“Screening Nodes”), typically deployed in terminal lobbies. It is designed as a modular tool that combines screening process control with queue management, load monitoring and optimization. iScreen combines risk assignment methodologies with screening process control to provide a highly effective security screening system.

One of iScreen-Node’s major advantages is its capability to significantly improve the utilization of screening resources, in particular, workforce. Another advantage is the advanced control and the audit tools it provides airport regulators. For a nationwide mission critical operation scattered over hundreds of airports, operated by tens of thousands of different employees operating thousands of sophisticated and extremely expensive screening equipment, these advantages are of utmost importance.

iScreen-Node’s primary benefits include:
  • Optimized utilization of screening equipment (EDS, ETD) and screening workforce as per screening node, terminal and countrywide;
  • Providing effective tools for control and process analysis of baggage screening operations
  • Providing the highest detection level for each screening element, while preventing bottlenecks and overloads
  • Advance alert of developing bottlenecks, baggage and passenger delays
  • Providing the highest net probability of detection of screening system based on:
    • Passenger risk designation
    • Bag status
    • Results of each level of screening
    • Load/capacity
    • Making every screening node/cluster fully effective
    • Readily accepts changes in screening policies and equipment
    • Data collection tools for analysis to optimize processes
  • Ensures that the maximum screening security is achieved, optimized for traffic and always above the minimum level.
  • Advanced audit capabilities including:
    • Logs screening history of each and every bag including bags that are delayed or miss their flights
    • Complete record of all bags that were opened and by whom
  • Reduced passenger inconvenience (queuing time, cumbersome process)
  • Enables optimization of check-in and staff allocation
  • Improved overall customer service (reduce passenger queuing time and avoid/minimize bags that are delayed for their flight)



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