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The iScreen product line provides a comprehensive management, control and monitoring solution for the entire passenger and baggage security screening operation, from check-in to checkpoint.

iScreen (formerly known as IBHS® - Integrated Baggage Handling and Security) – SecureLogic's product line for management, control and monitoring of complex security screening operations – is the first of its kind to provide an inclusive C4 (command, control, communication and computing) solution for the security screening arena. Meeting the ever-increasing need for more effective and efficient tools for security screening, iScreen provides its users the flexibility to optimize screening procedures according to risk parameters and according to operational considerations such as load level, capacity, and workforce. iScreen smoothly integrates the various screening devices e.g. Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), Explosive Trace Detectors (ETD) and advanced technology (AT) screening into the passenger / baggage / cargo processing operation, providing extensive computerized management, control and monitoring for both security screening and the operational processes. Its modular architecture ensures rapid and economical deployment. iScreen combines proprietary software with databases and procedures, to provide airport management with the advanced easy-to-use tools they need to optimize the screening process for each and every passenger and their bags. These tools are based on a complex matrix of security and operational considerations. They monitor real-time loads, screening equipment and screener availability for the management and optimization of resources and screening capacities, at low and high load intervals. Proprietary, compound algorithms are utilized to set discrete screening processes for each and every screened entity from passengers, to bags and cargo and for each specific screening site, according to its distinctive security and operational requirements.

SecureLogic’s line of products includes:

  • iScreen-Line (IBHS) – for fully automated checked baggage screening operations integrated in-line into the airports baggage handling systems;
  • iScreen-Node for checked baggage screening operations deployed at Screening Nodes within the public terminal lobbies or for special checked baggage screening operations (e.g. for odd-shaped/ oversized bags; curbside etc.);
  • Other iScreen products include iScreen –Manager for upper level management control and intercommunication of the various security screening operations within an airport and iScreen-Checkpoint for carry-on and passenger screening at the security checkpoints of airport terminals.

SecureLogic provides a package for complete management, control and monitoring of the airport screening sequence. The modular design of SecureLogic’s products does also allow for separate deployment of the different applications or for any combination package.

Other product applications include efficient and effective screening of baggage in terminals at seaports, border-crossings, or any other security screening operation.

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