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ChainLogic's WMS (Warehouse Management System) software solution, FlowX optimizes the logistic infrastructure of organizations. FlowX is an essential element in effective Supply Chain Management. Incorporating many years of experience in computerized storage systems design and implementation, together with state-of-the-art technology, FlowX provides an efficient and cost-effective warehouse and distribution center management system.

The FlowX setup allows for an unlimited number of parameters in order to allow an off-the-shelf installation process at a variety of logistics environments: from heavy industry, electronics, and auto parts to cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals. In all situations, FlowX ensures an orderly, precisely defined and consistent workflow.

FlowX fully supports the entire workflow process of the logistics center: it optimally manages product reception, storage and picking, optimizes logistic resources, speeds up material handling procedures and improves inventory control and accuracy.

Developed in a 4GL, FlowX supports the Win NT/2000/XP environment and can interface with any of the most popular database technologies, such as Oracle and MS SQL. It is a multilingual product and requires no exceptional adaptation processes.

FlowX serves as a complementary product to traditional inventory management and ERP systems, enabling these systems to effortlessly support the quantity & accounting aspects of inventory, while performing day-to-day operational tasks.

FlowX supports advanced technologies such as conveyors, carousels, stacker cranes, bar code readers, handheld RF terminals and electronic scales. These storage solutions are incorporated into the WMS system and therefore do not consume any of the host computer resources. Moreover, FlowX has a native inbound and outbound interface infrastructure, which supports any existing organizational information system, regardless of platform, environment or database. Designed ergonomically, according to the most advanced logistics management concepts, FlowX is a user-friendly product: easy to learn and simple to use.

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