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ChainLogic provides the links between corporate level production, scheduling, purchasing, logistic planning and order management systems to enable real-time inventory management and in time order response. These links ensure effective supply chain management. Our unique experience in integration and software development, logistics, distribution and storage systems guarantees that customers obtain the best material handling system for their specific environment.

From planning through implementation, to ongoing support and maintenance, ChainLogic is at your side, helping you enhance productivity, optimize inventory management, increase throughput, maximize space utilization, and reduce costs.

ChainLogic provides comprehensive integrated material handling systems for a variety of industries:
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retailers
  • Archives and record storage

ChainLogic shares strategic alliances with some of the major international equipment manufacturers, including FKI Logistex Crisplant and White Systems. ChainLogic's modular toolkit approach enables the integration of your chosen ChainLogic system into your current operational environment. Toolkits are also available on a license-free basis to system integrators or equipment manufacturers.

ChainLogic's WMS (Warehouse Management System) software solution, FlowX, optimizes the logistic infrastructure of warehouses, distribution centers, forwarding services, manufacturing facilities, retailers and archives and record storage facilities. It is compatible with advanced distribution and picking systems such as:
Carousels (horizontal and vertical), Vertical Storage Modules, Sorters, Conveyors, RF Hand Held Terminals, Automated Picking Systems (A Machines; LMS; etc.), Pick-to-Light systems, Unitload / Miniload (Stacker Cranes) and more.

FlowX can be rapidly customized to suit manufacturers' requirements for the most advanced systems. FlowX is integrated with White System's Lightree III and Sortbar III, a light-directed picking system used to increase accuracy and picking speed on systems that are based on Horizontal and Vertical Carousels.

FlowX allows warehouse managers using RF terminals, to organize all distribution center and warehouse activities for even the most complicated logistic systems. FlowX easily integrates with sorting and dispatching systems such as those designed by FKI Logistex Crisplant including Consolidated Picking - a form of sorting by order, rather than by item, Parcel Mate - a revolutionary new approach to automatic postal services and The 3000 Cross Belt - designed for fragile, high friction goods that may be sensitive to automatic sortation.

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