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Cellcom Israel, Ltd.

The leading provider of advanced, high-quality communications services in Israel.

The Situation
Cellcom had an inventory of spare parts used to provide quick response time and delivery of spare parts to service and sales centers across the country.

The Challenge
Cellcom's storage area was insufficient to meet their expanding business, but the existing inventory level needed to be maintained. A solution was needed to optimize existing space usage and to increase response time.

The Response

SpaceLogic provided a pod of 3 horizontal carousels with a hydraulic lifting table in order to make better use of the existing storage space. The installation is managed by SpaceLogic's proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) software FlowX.

The Result

The entire inventory of spare parts is located on the carousels, having multiplied the cube utilization and providing online data to the company's SAP host.

The installation takes advantage of the carousel's height and will allow for growth of over 50% in the future.


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